Water Damage To A Hanover Home
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Water Damage To A Hanover Home

Local Home Damage Recovery And Storm Restoration

Dealing with water damage to a Hanover home after heavy flooding, leakage from snowfall and subsequent ice damming, or a burst pipe can be a nightmare! Upon initial assessment, it may appear that everything in the flooded area has been destroyed and all is a loss. This is not necessarily the case, though every minute you wait to have a Hanover home restoration and water remediation team assess the situation, could very well lead to irreversible water damage.

First and foremost, safety is the pressing concern. Consider any potential electrical and slip and fall scenarios before following these simple steps to minimize property damage while awaiting a home restoration and water damage remediation company.

• Mop and blot saturated areas to reduce excess water
• Wipe excess water from table tops and wood furniture
• Create space between furniture footing and water with aluminum foil or wood blocks
• Use A/C in the summer to assist with drying
• Remove anything of value from the floor
• Stay out of rooms with sagging ceilings
• Avoid using electrical appliances, especially those near water damage
• Avoid using vacuum to remove excess water.

Water damage causes a major disruption and setback to families and Liberty Restoration & Construction does what is takes to help relieve some of the pressure felt by homeowners. We are a Hanover home restoration and water damage remediation company you can depend on to minimize the impact of flooding and water damage on you and your home. Don’t hesitate to make the call. Every second counts!

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