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Window Replacement

Over the past several years, there has been a lot of information encouraging homeowners to make energy saving upgrades to their homes.  By replacing old windows with Energy Star rated vinyl windows can be a great investment.   Window replacement can be a great investment into your home. Manufacturers have improved the quality and efficiency due to the numerous new tax credits that were released over the past few years. The improvements mean you will receive a better quality window for a much affordable cost than originally thought. Replacement windows do not show an initial pay back for your investment, but over a period a time you will experience a payback with energy savings. If you still have old wooden window frames over time the wood can warp and bend allowing gaps for air to creep in creating a drafty environment in your home drastically decreasing your energy savings.  

If you’re contemplating the investment of window replacement here are a few things to consider:

  • Are your current windows made of wood and creating a draft?  Whenever you feel a draft in your home double check that the draft is coming from the windows and not some other structural issue.  

  • Do you see moisture or condensation in-between the window panes?  Condensation is usually a definitive sign of a seal failure resulting in a faulty window that is no longer protecting your home from the elements.  This is probably a good time for window replacement.

  • Are your windows hard to open and close?  Windows should not be hard to open and close.  If you’re experiencing this it is a good indicator that your window is in need of replacement.  Difficulty opening a window creates a burden for the homeowner to enjoy the outside weather, but difficulty closing one can lead to a seal failure resulting in air leakage.  An air leakage then creates a loss of energy savings literally going right out the window.

There are numerous reasons to replace your windows the above mentioned suggestions are just a few.  Call today to let one of our experienced home remodelers help you choose the best window for your home and energy saving needs.

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